Thursday, 2 December 2010

JYC 2010 - 1st December

Well, it meant a REALLY late night, but I got it done! After spending about an hour going through all my digi stash selecting templates to use for each day (as I'd never have enough time to design my own pages!) I designed my own page!!!!!

I've decided to liberate myself from all the note-taking this year, so there will be no credits unfortunately...I have so much digi stash, and, much as I appreciate it all, if I were to write down everything I use, whilst picking from here, there and everywhere in Picasa, LOL, I really would not have time to create. If you see your stash used on one of my pages, know that's it's my very favourite stash and I'm grateful to all the designers out there who create such beautiful images for us to play with! Thank you.

SO! I sit here when I should be in bed, with the snow falling outside and Carols playing!!

Bernie x

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